Capt. Mark Deimler

USCG License #2054247

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Ocean City Fishing Center
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Ocean City, MD
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Our calendar will allow you to check available charter and tournament fishing dates.


Bluefish arrive on the inshore lumps 5-20 miles from the beach. As the water warms by mid May the Thresher Sharks will arrive. In late May the Mako Sharks may be caught on the same inshore lumps.


Shark fishing is still in its prime while the Bluefin Tuna will show up at the inshore lumps in early to mid June. The Yellowfin Tuna may appear offshore in the Canyons during the month of June. Mahi-Mahi will arrive during late to mid June depending on water temperature.


Shark fishing will change to the warm water species and anglers may catch Tigers, Hammerheads, Duskies, Spinners, Sandbars, Sharpnose and Blacktips. Offshore catches of Tuna, Mahi-mahi and Marlin can be expected.


The same species of fish are available during August but the mahi-mahi action intensifies as weedlines develop and the water temperature climbs. Wahoo will start to appear in our offshore waters.


This is the best time of the year to enjoy fishing the Ocean City waters. False Albacore will give anglers a challenge as well as all the species that can be caught in July and August.


As the offshore season winds down, the Bluefish return and Tuna, False Albacore, Mahi-mahi and Wahoo can still be caught.